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We help leaders and entrepreneurs uncover their BUSINESS GREATNESS.

Our approach is to leverage business strategy, emotional intelligence, and executive coaching to help companies identify their strengths and opportunities, align activities to their strategy, and become more human to allow trust, connection, and collaboration to realize results.

For entrepreneurs, we coach entrepreneurs to help navigate the ‘roadblocks’ impeding their growth through a 360 degree business assessment and actionable insights that drive success.

“Achieving Results” provides personal insights from experts in their field to help professionals create breakthroughs and obtain a competitive edge.


As an ICF credentialed coach, we are part of elite group of coaches who provide accountability to clients and the coaching profession. We have completed rigorous education and practice requirements that align with our continued commitment to excellence in coaching.


We facilitate workshops, in-person trainings, and webinars. Our trainings positively impact your whole organization by bringing teams together to collaborate and collectively identify strengths, areas of opportunities, and co-create solutions to jump-start strategic conversations.


We provide assessments and workshops around a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

Applications for emotional intelligence include:
• Leadership Development
• Organizational Development
• Executive Coaching
• Team Building



VIP STRATEGY PROGRAM – is designed to help your team create more alignment between your business strategy and tactics as you execute your company growth plan.

We focus on:

  • Customer Engagement Strategies, Segments, Channels, and Relationships
  • Revenue Streams and Costs
  • Key Partners, Resources, and Business Activities
  • Value Proposition


Executive Coaching focused on:

  • Emotional Intelligence:
  • Inclusive leadership skills
  • Personal branding
  • Communication- Pitch & Negotiation


  • Workshops and Training:
    • We conduct trainings and workshops to help your team increase their awareness, gain a better understanding of their dead angles, and activate their empathy skills.
  • Strategy Assessment:
    • Thinking about your Diversity and Inclusion strategy but not sure where to begin? As your thought partner, we work with you to help guide and serve as subject matter experts to create your roadmap for success.
  • Inclusive Culture Eye:
    • Is your marketing communication inclusive, are your content images appropriate, are you aware of how implicit bias may hamper your marketing strategy effectiveness? When launching a new marketing or advertising campaign, who wants continued social media backlash from not considering the above?
    • Your Choice Coach, your inclusive culture eye, helps your team align your intentions and impact with your target audience. Through the lens of diversity and inclusion, we help companies mitigate their risk by providing a marketing and advertising consult prior to launch. From ideation, story boarding, to launch readiness, we partner with your team to provide subject matter expertise to help your team increase their awareness and activate their empathy skills to make better decisions for your brands. This will help your team align marketing and advertising strategic intentions and get the desired impact, with your target audience, through the execution.


At the Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Summit, participants liked Simone’s energy and “curious conversation about biases.” She provided an opportunity to engage during breakout rooms. She evoked stories, explored emotions, helped attendees empathize, observe, learn a variety of approaches to improve and address DEI, get practical advice and information, and enjoy the interactive nature of the sessions. Simone is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. “Her session made me challenge myself, in a way that didn’t create shame.”

AGM & Conference

Simone, thank you for sharing your insight and your engaging presentation on Inclusive Leadership. I came away energized and a bit less fearful of this new normal. I will be sharing your PAUSE strategy with my team as we continue to learn how best to support our students. Thank you again.

Higher Education Professional

Your webinar on Optimize Your Personal Brand was very helpful. Great content and very informative. Thank you very much.

Financial Services

Thank you for the strategy session. Your wisdom and clarity are amazing. I am inspired and refreshed by the outcomes of our session. It was truly awesome.

Corporate Learning and Development

I really enjoyed Simone’s presentation, which was spot-on with tackling issues in the workplace on diversity, inclusion, and equity. It felt great to be a part of the International Women’s Day celebration, which was intimate, informative, & engaging.

Sr. Sales Director

Your webinar Jam Session was fantastic and I truly loved it. The audience engagement throughout the presentation was energizing. I felt like your message was able to resonate with people of all different negotiating types and how we prepare. It made me realize that while I prepare my information, I do not do a ton of research from the other person’s perspective.

Marketing Manager

I thought you may welcome some feedback on today’s training run by Your Choice Coach. I was impressed with the preparation, delivery, timing, incorporating company survey feedback into the discussion, video links, and the short but focused takeaway notes for all participants. I witnessed a very engaged audience and would encourage you widen the organization audience so more senior and juniors can experience it.

Media Company

It was an eye opener to view how I lead in my business and grounded me on my values.

M.H. Photographer

This workshop helped me tremendously see how my core values were indeed challenging my view of relationships.

D.F. Fashion & Beauty Industry

Simone’s hands-on workshop was fun, informative, and inspiring. I’ll be looking forward to her next workshop!

J.P. Empowerment Coach

Your Choice Coach– great facilitation of the diversity and inclusion training workshop. Very skilled, knowledgeable, and great ability to create an open environment that allowed participants to feel comfortable to share and engage.

Financial Services firm

Thank you for co-facilitating Toronto Change Days 2019. The theme for this event was Values: Define, Challenge, Declare. There were thought-provoking reflections on fixed and fluid values and how their status and strength may vary across personal and professional contexts. So many learnings and takeaways to understand myself deeper. You set the tone for such a magical weekend!

HR Consultant

Achieving Results: Business Insights and Awareness to Create Breakthroughs and Obtain a Competitive Edge

Simone Sloan, Rph, MBA, Co-Author


Your Business Greatness Workshop


We help leaders and entrepreneurs uncover their BUSINESS GREATNESS.

Our approach is to leverage business strategy, emotional intelligence, and executive coaching to help companies identify their strengths and opportunities, align activities to their strategy, and become more human to allow trust, connection, and collaboration to realize results.



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